Let's all speak the same language

Making language inclusive can sometimes be achieved by changing just ONE word.

Use this site to generate alternatives to gender specific terms in your native language!

If you have an alternative that you want to add to this site, you can submit your suggestion through a pull request to this repository


Saying hello to a group of people can easily default into non-inclusive terms such as "Hey Guys" - below are some suggestions to replace terms like this . . .

"Hey Folks! / Hi Everyone! / Hello Everybody!" - English
"Hola a todos" - Espanol
"Hola a tothom / Benvinguts tots" - català
"Salut à tous / Bonjour à tous" - Francais
"Buna Tutoror" - Romana
"Καλησπέρα σε σας" - Ελληνικά
"Olá a todos!" - Português
"Cześć wszystkim!" - Polski


When referring directly to one person it is sometimes easy to default to gendered terms - but be aware some people have preferences on the pronouns you use to refer to them. Keep it gender neutral and this helps to avoid making anyone uncomfortable.

"They are great with JavaScript" - English
"Ei sunt buni in JavaScript" - Romana
"Είναι καλοί στο JavaScript" - Ελληνικά
"Són molt bones amb JavaScript" - català


Engaging with your audience online shouldn't be any different than when speaking to people face to face. Remember that both tone and meaning can be misconstrued from the other side of the screen so it's best to check your language as you go!